Films for electrical and insulation purposes

The use of plastics for the production of cables is mainly affected by the modernization of electrical and telecommunications networks. Power cables account for almost 70% of the consumption of plastics used for cable production and sheathing. There are also telecommunications applications, cables for the automotive industry, mining and specialized industries such as the aerospace industry.

Our BO PET film is most often used in narrow strips that are used to wrap harnesses of insulated conductors in cables in a helix. BO PET films increase insulation against electric shock, but in particular they prevent the cable harness and the outer sheath of the cable from sticking/welding when sheathing the cable. The film is also used as a BO PET laminate with a mica foil. This laminate is used as flame-retardant insulation for cable harnesses.

With the current development of e-mobility, the potential of using BO PET electrical insulation films as insulation in electric-vehicle batteries is growing significantly.

In addition to transparent films, BO PET electrical insulation films dyed in the mass are being used increasingly in this sector.


  • Production of cables
  • Production of transformers
  • Grooved insulation of electric motors
  • Special insulating purposes
  • E-mobility applications


Transparent films

TENOLAN IA 0001Electrical-insulating
Electrical-insulating features (electrical strength, resistivity, permittivity)
12 – 150 Electrical-insulating purposes – production of cables and transformers, grooved insulation of electric motors
TENOLAN IAF 0001For technical applications
36 – 75Special insulating purposes / Technical applications

Films aluminium coated on one side

Type Specification Thickness (µm) Use
TENOLAN OAMN 0111 / OAMN 0112 / OAMN 0113Transparent films aluminium-coated on one side8 – 150Thermal-insulation applications
TENOLAN OAMN 9012Transparent antimony-free films aluminium-coated on one side23 Thermal-insulation applications
TENOLAN OCMN 0111 / OCMN 0112 / OCMN 0113Coloured film aluminium-coated on one side8 – 12 Thermal-insulation applications
TENOLAN OAMN 0353Transparent films aluminium-coated on one side, with corona treatment on the other side8 – 12 Thermal-insulation applications
TENOLAN OCMN 0353Coloured film aluminium-coated on one side, with corona treatment on the other side8 – 12 Thermal-insulation applications