TENOLAN brand name

Films are indicated by the trade mark TENOLAN®, with a literal and numerical code:

a) The first letter determines the suggested application, e.g.:
O   – packaging purposes
I    – electrical insulations
S   – separating film
P   – baking film
M  – film with matte treatment

b) The second letter refers to the version:
A    – basic type, transparent design
C   – coloured design
I     – special design

c) The third letter, if any, indicates the type of surface finishing:
M  – metallized (aluminium coated)
S   – substrated (coated)
X   – AlOx treatment
K   – corona film (treated with high-voltage discharge)
F   – special requirements of the customers

d) The last letter (third or fourth)
N   – indicates hygiene-related non-objection of films designed for direct contact with foodstuffs and meals (e.g. OAMN). If there is no surface treatment, the letter “N” is in the third position (e.g. OAN).

e) A four-digit numerical code serves for distinguishing between variants within the group and indicates features of individual film types.