TENOLAN marking

Films are indicated by trade mark TENOLAN®, literal and numerical code:

a) First letter determines the suggested filed of use, e.g.:
O   – packing purposes
I    – electric insulations
S   – separating film
P   – baking film
M  – film with matte treatment

b) Second letter revers to versions:
A    – basic type, transparent design
C   – colour design
I     – special design

c) Third letter, if any, indicates the type of surface finishing:
M  – metallized (aluminium coated)
S   – substrated (coated)
X   – AlOx treatment
K   – corona film (treated with high-voltage discharge)
F   – special customer requirements

d) The last letter (third or fourth)
N   – indicates health unobjectionability of films designed for direct contact with food and meals (e.g. OAMN). If there is no surface treatment, the letter “N” is in the third position (e.g. OAN).

e) Four-digit numerical code serves for variant distinction within the group and indicates features of individual film types.