FOLAM laminate packing


Laminates are manufactured at a thickness of 35 microns to 450 microns, according to materials used for each layer. Standard ranges of thickness are detailed on the data sheets for the individual types of FOLAM® laminate.
The widths of the laminates range from 15 mm to 1200 mm.
The length of laminate on a roll is directly affected by the given thickness of the product, since the maximum diameter of a roll is 700 mm. Other dimensions may be agreed upon in a purchase contract.


A laminate of desired width and quantity is wound on a roll with a standard internal Ø of 76.2 mm or 152.4 mm.
Rolls might comprise several pieces taped together by colour or transparent self-adhesive polyester tape. The number of such joined pieces may be agreed on within a contract of purchase.
Rolls of widths greater than 600 mm are packed in protective PET film and stored on pallets in a pyramid manner according to the diameter. Rolls of 1-6 pieces (mostly wound without trimmed parts), or the use of a plastic pallet for storage, shall not exceed a total height of stacked rolls of 1.5 m.  To avoid involuntary displacement, the rolls are secured to the palette by wedging them with binding strips, a wooden stopper and complete wrapping of the palette in stretch foil.
Rolls of smaller widths – up to 600 mm – are packed in PE bags or PET film and stored on a pallet. Individual layers are separated by cardboard sheets and secured by protective foil against displacement. Rolls of short length are covered in protective foil and placed in a cardboard box or a box with two compartments of suitable size.
The customer and the manufacturer may agree to utilize different packing for FOLAM® laminates to ensure that the product is sufficiently protected against dirt and damage.


Each packing unit is affixed with a label showing the following data:

  • identification of the manufacturer
  • names of the product and type
  • dimensions
  • quantity in kg and m
  • identification number of the roll
  • date of manufacture
  • quantity of rolls or pieces in packing unit
  • name or mark of the dispatch employee responsible
  • other agreed details.

Another way of labelling may be agreed upon in a contract.

Laminates intended for direct contact with foodstuffs and meals must be provided in accordance with legislative requirements with the given symbol for such direct contact.

Lap dimensions