Laminates are manufactured in thickness from 40 micron to 450 micron according to materials used for each layer. Standard thickness ranges are given on the material data sheets for individual types of the FOLAM® laminate.
Width of the laminate is from 15 mm to 1360 mm.
Laminate length in the role is affected by the thickness of the product. Top roll diameter is 800 mm. Other dimnensions may be agreed upon in the purchase contract.


Laminate in the desired width and quantity are wound of cores with a standard internal ø 76.2 mm and 152.4 mm. Roles can be composed of several pieces connected of colored or transparent polyester adhesive tape. Number of joints in the role can be arranged under the purchase agreement. The role of widths greater than 600 mm, packaged in a protective PET film and stored on pallets in a pyramid according to the diameter Rolls for 1-6 pieces (mostly the windings without trimming), or the use of plastic pallets in the store fronts so that the total height stacked rolls does not exceed 1.5 m.  Against spontaneous displacements are secured roles on a palette secured by ledge with binding strips, a wooden stopper, and wrapping of full palette by stretch foil. Rolls of smaller widths – up to 600 mm – are packed in PE bags or PET film and stored on a pallet. Individual layers are separated by cardboard sheets and secured by protective foil against displacement.  Short-length rolls are covered in protective foil and placed into a cardboard box or a two-compartment box of suitable size.
The customer and the manufacturer may agree to different packaging for FOLAM® laminates to ensure that the product is sufficiently protected against dirt and damage


Each packing unit affix label with the following commercial and technical data:

  • manufacturer identification
  • product- and type name
  • dimensions
  • quantity in kg and m
  • roll identification number
  • production date
  • quantity rolls or pieces in packing unit
  • name or mark of the dispatch worker
  • other agreed upon details

Another way of labelling may be agreed in contract

Laminates for direct contact with food and dishes must be provided in accordance with legislative requirements of the graphic symbol for the direct contact with food and dishes.