Manufacture of laminated films – laminates

Laminates are multi-layer films joined by adhesive. Our “Cleo” laminating line enables us to manufacture two-layer films with 1420 mm total through width and 1380 mm working width. The maximum joining speed  for the material is 200 m/min. and the maximum winder/un-winder diameter is 750 mm.
The film is joined by applying adhesive to one of the films which is then covered by the other film under pressure at a temperature of approximately 70°C. One of the films is rewound after the application roll, which is when the joining material (adhesive) is applied on the film. The joining material is  occasionally refilled in a slot between the two rolls  and is applied to the film through a rubber roller and application roller. The second film is unwound from the unwinding stand after the application roll and the two films are joined using the compression roll.