Films and laminate for technical applications

Biaxially oriented polyethylene-terephthalate (BO PET) TENOLAN® films are designed for further processing in the printing industry, for technical purposes, for the production of technical packaging. They are supplied in rolls or cut to size. Tenolan® films are characterized by a high strength, dimensional stability in a wide temperature range, high transparency, low gas and water vapour permeability.

overview of TENOLAN film applications

  • Production of industrial packaging
  • Technical applications, e.g. for box sights 
  • Technical purposes
  • Production of labels, adhesive tapes
  • Production of silicone foi
  • Production of ID and payment cards
  • Production of office products
  • As a separation foil in the vulcanisation process
  • As a transfer foil for print transfer
  • For the production of window foils against glass breakage and to reduce reflection
  • BOPET film acting as UV filtration.


Transparent films

TypeSpecificationThickness (µm)Use
Tenolan OAN + OAKN 0006Lower turbidity value
OAKN – with one-side corona treatment
36 – 150Technical applications, e.g. for box sights
Tenolan OAN + OAKN 0008Low turbidity value
OAKN – with one-side corona treatment
36 – 150For technical application
Tenolan OAN + OAKN 0011Low turbidity value / Lower shrinkage value
OAKN – with one-side corona treatment
12 – 23For hot-stamp technologies
Tenolan OAN + OAKN 0012Lower shrinkage value
OAKN – with one-side corona treatment
12 – 30Transfer technologies
Tenolan IAF 0001Standard36 – 75For technical application
Tenolan IAK 0013Lower shrinkage value / The film is corona treated on one side100Technical purposes
Tenolan MAN 0005Matte finish
Higher turbidity / Good light transmission / Lower gloss
12 – 36For technical application

Colour films

TypeSpecificationBarvaThickness (µm)Use
Tenolan OCN + OCKN 0001Transparent colour film
OAKN – with one-side corona treatment
Blue, green, yellow, red7 – 125Industrial production
Tenolan OCN 0007White, red36 – 75Special purposes

Aluminium-coated film on one-side

TypeSpecificationThickness (µm)Use
Tenolan OAMN 0111 / OAMN 0112 / OAMN 0113Transparent films aluminium-coated on one side8 – 150Technical purposes
Tenolan OAMN 9012Transparent antimony-free films aluminium-coated on one side23Technical purposes
Tenolan OCMN 0111 / OCMN 0112 / OCMN 0113Coloured film aluminium-coated on one side8 – 12Technical purposes

BO PET + PP / PE laminate FOLAM

TypeSpecificationTotal thickness (µm)Use
Folam OABN 2122BO PET film + PP foil49 – 125Production of technical packaging
Folam OCAN 3222Coloured BO PET film + PE foil – with low shrinkage at high temperatures37Production of technical packaging