Fatra’s Tenolan® biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films are extruded films with subsequent biaxial orientation. Such film is designed for further processing by packaging technology, in the electrotechnical industry, for decoration purposes, as separation foils, etc. It is supplied on rolls or cut to size. It is specifically designed for direct contact with foodstuffs and meals and must comply with any hygienic regulations in force.


6 – 50 10 – 2 900
50 – 150 20 – 2 200


  • Packaging PET films – for the production of flexible packaging for foodstuffs and technical products.
  • Electrical-insulation films – for producing cables, transformers, and the winding insulation of electric motors.
  • Other  films– production of labels, adhesive tape, siliconized foil, identification and payment cards, office supplies.


  • The films are used for flexible packaging, electrical insulations, and other industrial applications.
  • The films are corona-treated, chemically treated (applying water dispersions of polymers) and metallized (vacuum-applied aluminium deposit).
  • The films are supplied transparent or coloured master batch, matt.
  • Such treatment lends the films features suitable for print, and their eventual properties improve.
  • This type of packaging is not harmful to health.

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