Fatra´s Folam® multi-layer laminated foils are primarily intended for the purpose of flexible packaging.

These flat materials are mostly of foil type, and their basic layer comprises BOPET film


  • Food packaging – for caustic contents (e.g. spices, sauerkraut).
  • Lids for the packing of foodstuffs (with a peel effect – for welding to PE packaging materials only).
  • Food packaging – for meat products, sterilization and pasteurization. Anti-fog treatment prevents misting.
  • Packaging for food and technical items.
  • Decorative wine funnels.
  • Semi-finished products for packaging foodstuffs
  • Thermal bags.
  • Special health-care applications.

Product advantages

They are manufactured by connecting two or more flat materials (BOPET, PE, PP film, paper, etc.). Such films are treated variously – by aluminium metallization, through dyeing, depositing water or dispersing polymers – in order to improve the surface adhesion of final materials, and are suitable for production purposes.

Laminates may comprise different and special surface finishes due to a combination of several materials (anti-fog treatment, peel effect, inside/outside print).

Certain laminates are further processed by packaging technology or employed for decorating purposes. The range also includes special laminates for technical purposes.

It is beneficial to apply a combination of good barrier characteristics for the base material (BOPET) and easy weldability of accompanying materials (PE, PP) in a design of packaging. Barrier characteristics can be increased by aluminium metallization, while appearance is improved by dyeing the BOPET film.


Foil treatmentProperties of lamination
● Metallization with Al (aluminium).
● Coloured master batch
● Coating for water dispersion of polymers – for the purpose of improving the surface adhesion of final materials
● Special surface finishes – anti-fog finish, peel effect
Inner/outer printing
Lamination improves functionality and ensures properties necessary for packaging materials:
●A barrier against the permeability of gases, water, steam and oxygen
● The inherent strength of packaging manufactured in this manner
● Ease of printing – to improve the visual appearance of items
● Properties applicable to the end user – such as a peel effect or anti-fog treatment
● Extending the durability of the packaged goods


32 – 400max. 1 360

Laminate structure

Layers Type of material
Underlying layer PET, PP, PE, BOPP, paper or cardboard
Barrier layer Metal deposition (metallization)
Adhesive layer Glue
Weldable or adhesive layer PE, PP, paper or cardboard

Collection of shapes


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